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How We Took 1 Dead LinkedIn Account & Made A Few Simple Tweaks, And Turned It Into A Lead Generating Machine Almost Overnight...
Hopefully by now you have read the LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Report and you understand what is needed to create and run a successful lead generation campaign on LinkedIn.
How Much Money Could Your Business Make Using LinkedIn
Our LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy has been responsible of generating 1000s of new leads for 100s of businesses.
What is 50 – 60 new sales leads per month worth to your business in terms of growth, revenue and profits?
Lets Break It Down:
10 – 15 New prospects each week, quickly adds up to over 60 new leads per month.

What would 60 new, high quality prospects in your sales funnels every month do for your business?

Let’s keep it conservative. If only 25% of the 60 new leads are interested in having a conversation with you, that’s 15 super-hot leads every month.

I hope you are beginning to see the potential and value that can come from having us a your LinkedIn Lead Generation GO-TO-GUY.
Why You Need A LinkedIn Expert To Do This For You
Now you might be thinking that you can do this yourself without the need to hire someone. 

This is totally fine and if you want to go down this road, please download the strategy and work away.

But before you do, let me explain why it’s better to get an expert to do this for you.
There are 3 Major Mistakes 95% of people using LinkedIn make
  •  Sending A Sales Pitch 
  •  Engaging But Never Moving The Conversation Offline. 
  •  Not Following Up.
Lets take a closer look at all 3 
Mistake Number 1 – Sending a sales pitch 

Everyone has experienced this. You connect with someone and they send you a sales pitch immediately after connection. This is bad, it makes you look like a spammer and gives you and your company no credibility- DON’T DO THIS!

The main reason people do this is that they never intend to build a relationship or follow up with the new connection.  
What we do Instead!

We send a series of messages over a 3-week period that builds trust with no mention of a sales pitch. We take the time to establish rapport before ever making a sales pitch.

Mistake Number 2 – Engaging but never moving the conversation forward.

We see a lot of people fall into this mistake, they try to engage but never get to the next level in building the relationship. 

Most B2B happens offline and you must take the conversation from LinkedIn to an offline conversation.
What We Do Instead!

We create a LinkedIn message campaign over 10 weeks that is designed to build a relationship on LinkedIn, with the main goal to moving the conversation offline for a sales person to take over.

Mistake Number 3 – Not Following Up

95% of business trying to generate leads on LinkedIn fall into this mistake and it’s understandable why. 

The two main reasons why people fall in into this mistake are:

1. You don’t have time to follow up with every connection
2. You don’t have the right systems in place to make sure you follow up with everyone.
While it would be nice if more leads, clients and sales would magically appear, the reality for most business is that it takes time and effort.
What We Do Instead 

We take your LinkedIn account and set up a messaging system and follow ups over a 10 week period that will help you generate more leads .
This Process takes a lot of work. Why spend time trying to figure it all out when we can do it for you.
We use below LinkedIn Marketing Strategy every day for our clients to generate business leads.
The process is a 3 month marketing campaign that is designed to connect and message targeted prospects in order to create more business leads for your company.
  •  We create a new LinkedIn Account. 
  •  Research your target customers until we have over 1500 targeted decision makers we can connect with.
  •  Create a messaging campaign that is designed to get your message across without looking salesy
  •  Send out a personal connection request to each person.
  •  Once they are a connection we will begin the messaging campaign which will last 10 weeks. 
  •  We send each new connection a message every 7 days over a 10 week period.
  •  All you need to do is login to your account and reply to all the new business enquiries you are receiving.
To complete this process successfully takes lot of time which is why most businesses use our service.
*Our Clients are saving over 60 hour per month using this service. 
*Can you afford to spend over 60 hour per month on LinkedIn? 
*Do you have the correct systems in place to follow up weekly with your targeted connections?
Would You Like To Hire A LinkedIn Lead Generation Expert?
Book a free consultation call today and will go through the process in more detail. This will allow us to find if it’s a good fit you’re your business. 

We only work with businesses we are confident the LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy will work on
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